Great with fish, chicken or spicy dishes
1. Valle Andino Sauvignon Blanc - Chile
Crisp and dry with a distinctive gooseberry flavour and a deliciously refreshing finish.
125ml: £3.30   175ml: £3.50   250ml: £4.75   Bottle: £13.50
2. Torres San Valentin, Penedès - Spain
From 100% Parellada grapes to produce a slightly off- dry white with a fresh and fruity character.
125ml: £3.50   175ml: £3.80   250ml: £4.95   Bottle: £14.60
3. Stonehaven Cellar Selection Riesling - Australia
Fresh and lively, exhibiting zesty lemon and lime characters, some floral notes and a dry crisp and fruity balanced finish
125ml: £3.65   175ml: £3.95   250ml: £4.95   Bottle: £14.95
4. Nobilo Southern Rivers Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand
Fresh and crisp with classic characters of gooseberry and tropical flavours. Excellent weight and mouthfeel and a dry, lingering finish.
125ml: £4.25  175ml: £4450   250ml: £5.75   Bottle: £16.95
5. Corte Vigna Pinot Grigio - Italy
Floral, racy and dry with green, crisp fruit, a close relation of the Pinot Gris grape from Alsace.
125ml: £3.50   175ml: £3.70   250ml: £4.75   Bottle: £13.75
6. Gavi La Doria, Cascina La Doria - Italy
Refreshing, dry and light with apple and citrus fruit flavours and a delicate aroma of white flowers. From Italy's premier wine region of Piemonte.
125ml: £3.95   175ml: £4.20   250ml: £5.50   Bottle: £15.90
7. Chablis Gloire de Chablis, J. Moreau et Fils - France
A traditional Chablis, dry, flinty and elegant with distinctive Chardonnay caharcter on the finish.
125ml: £5.25   175ml: £5.95   250ml: £8.20   Bottle: £24.50
8. Sacverre Les Collinettes, Joseph Mellot - France
A stylish, crisp Sauvignon with the tell-tale aroma of gooseberries and powerful fruit falvours, linked with a clean finish.
125ml: £5.15   175ml: £5.75   250ml: £7.95   Bottle: £23.50
A good match for rich chicken, pork or pasta dishes
9. Berri Estates Unoaked Chardonnay - Australia
A crisp style with a fresh, yet ripe lemon character with no oak ageing.
125ml: £3.40   175ml: £3.60   250ml: £4.75   Bottle: £13.40
10. Cullinan View Chenin Blanc - South Africa
Light and fresh but quite full, creamy and round, with a peachy fruit flavour.
125ml: £3.30 175ml: £3.60 250ml: £4.75 Bottle: £12.75
11. Rex Goliath Chardonnay, California - USA
Delicious pineapple, pear and citrus fruit with a wrapping of spicy, toasted oak notes.
125ml: £3.95 175ml: £4.25 250ml: £5.25 Bottle: £15.50
Perfect on their own or with salads or fish dishes
12. D'istinto Sangiovese Rosato - Italy
Delicious summer fruit flavours of delicate strawberry and tart raspberry. Light, vibrant and fresh with a hint of sweetness.
125ml: £3.15 175ml: £3.35 250ml: £4.50 Bottle: £13.00
13. Vendange White Zinfandel - USA
A brief time with juice and skin together gives this delicate colour, delicious strawberry aroma and zingy freshness.
125ml: £3.50 175ml: £3.85 250ml: £4.95 Bottle: £14.25
14. Nobilo Southern Rivers Rosé - New Zealand
Refreshing blend of mostly Merlot with Malbec and Shiraz; with lingering flavours of strawberry and raspberry.
125ml: £4.20 175ml: £4.50 250ml: £5.90 Bottle: £17.25
Good with pork or duck dishes
15. Valle Andino Merlot - Chile
Deep-coloured, very juicy and easy-drinking, with supple, rounded tannins.
125ml: £3.40 175ml: £3.60 250ml: £4.85 Bottle: £13.75
16. Arium Crianza Valdepeñas - Spain
From the Rioja grape Tempranillo this has delicious blackberry fruit flavours and creamy vanilla finish.
125ml: £3.15 175ml: £3.35 250ml: £4.50 Bottle: £13.00
17. Rex Goliath Pinot Noir - USA
Lush, velvety wine with red berry fruit flavours, such as cherry and raspberry, and a touch of cinnamon spice.
125ml: £3.95 175ml: £4.30 250ml: £5.40 Bottle: £15.50
18. Château La Croix Lartigue - France
A classic 'right bank' Claret. Concentrated yet elegant. Intense colour and warm and savoury in character.
125ml: £4.75 175ml: £4.95 250ml: £6.25 Bottle: £18.75
For grilled meats, sausages or vegetable dishes
19. Berri Estates Shiraz - Australia
Medium-bodied and fruity with blackberry and cherry aromas. Red pepper, coffee and toasted vanilla flavours combine to provide good complexity on the palate.
125ml: £3.15 175ml: £4.40 250ml: £5.10 Bottle: £13.00
20. Etchart Privado Malbec - Argentina
Deep coloured made from Argentina's best known grape, with an aroma reminiscent of raisins, plum and black pepper and a palate which is well structured yet supple on the finish.
125ml: £3.55 175ml: £3.80 250ml: £4.95 Bottle: £14.50
21. Côtes du Rhône Préference - France
A fine example of this popular wine from the Rhône Valley. Full-bodied with a classic rich, roasted palate.
125ml: £3.95 175ml: £4.25 250ml: £5.30 Bottle: £15.50
22. Chianti Classico Aziano - Italy
Intense aromas of violets, red berry fruit and spices, backed by a keen palate of mouth-watering cherries.
125ml: £5.50 175ml: £5.70 250ml: £7.95 Bottle: £23.75
Perfect with powerful red meat dishes including pies and roasts
23. D'istinto Primitivo - Italy
Deep colour with some mature hints. Lifted dried apricot and prune with spice and cinnamon notes. Overall balance of wine supported by light tannins and a long, powerful finish of fat, rich berry fruits.
125ml: £3.50 175ml: £3.80 250ml: £4.95 Bottle: £14.85
24. Houghton Private Bin Cabernet-Shiraz - Australia
Elegant with wonderful, dark, ripe, berry fruit flavours, fine tannins and well balanced oak.
125ml: £4.40 175ml: £4.60 250ml: £5.70 Bottle: £16.95
25. Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon - USA
Lovely, lifted aromas of dark berry fruit, redcurrant and oak spice. Showing vibrant red and dark berry fruit flavours and fine tannins on the palate with a well-balanced oak finish.
125ml: £4.05 175ml: £4.40 250ml: £5.65 Bottle: £17.00
26. Don Jacobo Rioja Reserva - Spain
Very traditional Rioja, with plenty of vanilla-oak character after 3 years in oak. Beautiful silky balance and a soft mature finish.
125ml: £5.50 175ml: £6.00 250ml: £7.70 Bottle: £22.95
The ultimate match for your dessert!
27. Brown Bros LH Orange Muscat & Flora - Australia
A unique dessert wine made from a rare blend of two grape varieties grown in Victoria. It has a wonderfully light, floral aroma and sweet, grapey palate.
100ml glass: £4.50 37.5cl Bottle: £16.50
28. Prosecco Extra Dry - Italy
Fresh, dry and fruity. A pleasant and extremely elegant bouquet with delightful, floral-based hints. A smooth, velvety and poetic flavour.
125ml glass: £3.75 Bottle: £17.25
29. Codorníu Pinot Noir Brut Rosé - Spain
Made from 100% Pinot Noir producing a delicious pink wine packed full of summer fruits.
125ml glass: £3.85 Bottle: £18.95
30. Piper Heidsieck Brut NV
Young, lively fruit flavours and a fresh, vivid aroma characterise this attractive Champagne.
125ml glass: £5.50 Bottle: £31.25
31. Taittinger Brut 1998
A rich, full-flavoured yet intensely elegant Champagne using the classic Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from a superb vintage. A fine example of Taittinger's quality.
Bottle: £46.95
32. Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose Brut NV
Flowery, fragrant and dry with soft mousse, rich and complex. Delightful, fruit-scented bouquet. The most popular Rosé Champagne.
125ml glass: £9.95 Bottle: £59.95
33. Nobilo Icon Series Sauvignon Blanc - Marlborough, New Zealand
A complex, powerful wine displaying the traditional Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc characters of gooseberry and nettles combined with rich herbal and tropical characters. Crisp, balanced finish.
125ml: £5.95 175ml: £6.50 250ml: £8.99 Bottle: £26.95
34. Meursault, Louis Jadot - France
A superb example of this famous white Burgundy from one of the greatest winemakers in the Côte d'Or. It has rich flavours of toast, oak, citrus fruit and pineapple.
Bottle: £36.95
35. Pouilly-Fumé, Domaine Jean-Claude Chatelain - France
Made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape, this is arguably the finest dry, white wine from the Loire region. The fine, gooseberry flavoured fruit is backed by a crisp acidity, which makes it great as an apéritif.
Bottle: £28.00
36. Puligny-Montrachet, Louis Jadot - France
From one of the top villages on the Côte de Beaune, Jadot's wine is rich and oaky with good underlying fruit and balancing acidity. It is very stylish and elegant.
Bottle: £41.25
37. Villa Maria, Cellar Selection Pinot Noir - Marlborough, New Zealand
Rich, vibrant and youthful, a high quality example of this most difficult grape, showing cherry fruit aromas and blueberry flavours, subtly integrated with French oak to leave a soft finish
125ml: £5.50 175ml: £5.95 250ml: £7.99 Bottle: £23.95
38. Barolo Lo Zoccolaio, Villa Lanata - Italy
Very concentrated aromas and flavours of violet and game, with four years barrel age. A classic traditionally made Barolo from a top producer in the village of Barolo itself, from the vineyard of La Zoccolaio.
Bottle: £29.95
39. Faustino I Rioja Gran Reserva - Spain
Mature, velvety smooth in the mouth and with great complexity. The flagship of the Faustino range. Rioja at its best!
125ml: £5.95 175ml: £6.95 250ml: £9.75 Bottle: £28.50
40. Beaune 1er Cru, Louis Jadot - France
An elegant red Burgundy with the classic feminine style typical of Beaune. This wine has superb Pinot Noir flavour and a stylish, velvety finish.
Bottle: £33.95
4.8% ABV
This refreshing, amber coloured, premium ale from Thwaites has a great, malty character and a distinctive bitter orange finish.
3.8% ABV
Classic Burton pale ale which has a dry nutty flavour and is very drinkable.
4.5% ABV
A rich, dark and exceptionally creamy stout with a fruity, floral and spicy character derived from English aroma hops – Fuggles and Goldings and a bitterness derived from roasted malts.
ABV 3.8%
Well hopped light golden session bitter. Dry and Refreshing enjoyed through a rich creamy head, brewed in traditional cast iron and copper vessels.
ABV 3.8%
Crisp golden yellow ale with fruity, citrus hop aroma from carefully selected English hops.
4.7% ABV
Brewed with Maris Otter and Optic malts and three hop varieties: Fuggles, First Gold and Goldings, this is a beer that is rich in fruitcake
aromas, almonds and conserved fruit. The deep copper colour, the fuller flavour and premium
ABV rewards the drinker in every mouthful.
4.3% ABV
A full flavoured, golden bitter, brewed using Maris Otter barley and all Goldings hops. A generous handful of crystal malt has been added to give a delicate flavour and subtle aroma.
4.5% ABV
A well balanced all malt bitter, rich in colour, with a classic hop character that is both refreshing and satisfying.
ABV 4.5%
A rich dry hoppy beer derived from a blend of selected malts to give the typical roasted style drunk originally by the London Market Porters
from whom the beer takes its name.
ABV 4.1%
Traditionally brewed to celebrate the National Saint's Day of Wales, St David's Ale is a light, daffodil coloured ale, dry hopped with Styrian
Goldings to create a thirst quenching spring ale with a refreshing bite and dry hop aroma.
3.7% ABV
A malty, full bodied ale with fruity hop flavours.
3.9% ABV
Pale coloured, moderately bittered, aromatic blond ale. Stunning aromas of guava and gooseberries. Like a Sauvignon blanc in aroma. Nice balance and aromatically, punches well above its 3.9% weight. A superb value bitter.
4.0% ABV
Hops abound in this classic beer. Goldings and Fuggles hops, which are grown locally at Ledbury, Herefordshire and blend perfectly with a balanced Maris Otter malt character. For drinkers who appreciate beer with taste.
ABV 4.8%
A full and fruity flavoured beer, with a spicy aroma and the sweet taste of success for every Englishman to savour.
ABV 4.3%
A cask conditioned stout, Pitch Black delivers what you would expect with roasted malts and dark, bitter tastes prominent. The ideal drink to toast the rugby season.